Chesler/Perlmutter Productions is a Canadian film and television company that develops and produces award-winning family entertainment. For twenty-nine years, Chesler/Perlmutter Productions has developed and produced premium family films, such as Touching Wild Horses, You Lucky Dog, On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Sound of Christmas and High-Rise Rescue. Chesler/Perlmutter content boasts all-star casts and high production values, delivering strong ratings and enjoying widespread acceptance.



Lewis Chesler, a native of Cleveland, graduated from Amherst College with high honours in cultural history. Following college, he served in the US Peace Corps and in the Merchant Marine. In the mid-70’s, he became artistic director of the Long Beach Performing Arts Centre. He produced a series of plays featuring major talent, before beginning his television career by producing a seminal dramatic cable television series for HBO. He brought together key creatives, including Academy Award-nominated writers and actors, and internationally prominent directors. Chesler later joined MGM TV as a producer, where he developed and produced movies and series for the major broadcast and cable networks. In the early 1980’s, Chesler was one of the founders of First Choice Canadian Communications (now The Movie Network) and a founding partner in the post-production facility Magnetic North. He is also the founder of The Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art and has been appointed to the Advisory Board for the Sonoma Valley Film Festival and the Dubrovnik International Film Festival.

David Perlmutter has been an important entertainment figure since 1971, when he established Quadrant Films to produce Canadian theatrical films. By 1988, David had produced or packaged more than $200 million of film and television production. Perlmutter’s films during this period included the undersea adventure The Neptune Factor, released by Twentieth Century Fox, and the first feature films to star Second City alumni John Candy and Dan Aykroyd. In 1988, David co-founded Cinexus Capital Corporation, which acquired Panavision Canada, the largest film equipment supplier in Canada. As part of Cinexus, David became involved in theatrical distribution through a joint venture with Famous Players, the Canadian theatrical subsidiary of Paramount. David has created an impressive range of innovative financing structures, deftly combining benefits available to Canadian producers with international benefits, pre-sales, and banking sources.

Dominique Telson is an accomplished Executive Producer, independent producer and Emmy Award winning senior level network development executive. Telson has produced over 25 films for television, acclaimed series and most recently films for theatrical release. Under her guidance these films have garnered many awards including the Peabody Award, Emmy Awards and both Writers & Directors Guild nominations and wins.

As a consultant for Canadian producers Chesler/Perlmutter productions, Dominique developed many acclaimed and highly rated films and series for the company. Specifically, Ms. Telson has been instrumental in developing C/P’s “Holiday Films” for Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Television Network. These films have resulted in the highest ratings on Hallmark Channel and LMN. The result - a renewed three-picture deal for C/P productions now three years and counting.

Prior to being an independent producer, Dominique was the Vice President of Original Programming for Showtime Networks. While there, Ms. Telson was responsible for the development and production of various award winning and critically acclaimed Original Movies and Series for the company. During her tenure, she had the privilege of working with the industry’s top talent including Robert Redford for the Sundance Channel, Jamie Foxx, Dustin Hoffman, Mimi Rogers, Bernadette Peters, Michael Clarke Duncan, Ally Sheedy, Ed Harris, Ryan Goseling and countless other stars like Danny Glover, whose directorial debut was guided by Telson and received a Daytime Emmy Nomination. She also dared to discover new talent like an unknown, at the time, Brittany Murphy who starred alongside Kirsten Dunst in “The Devil’s Arithmetic.” The film was produced by Ms. Telson and won the Emmy for Best Screenplay and Best Director.

Ever pioneering to create opportunities for minorities, Ms. Telson was instrumental in the creation of Showtime’s Black Filmmaker Showcase, which featured short films from several previously unknown filmmakers such as Malcolm Lee and Sid Quashie. In 2003 Telson received Multichannel News’ prestigious “Wonder Woman of the Year” award in recognition of her outstanding achievements as a leader in the cable television industry. Telson’s wealth of industry experience and industry relationships make her a priceless part of any production team. Ms. Telson is represented by Gordon Bobb of Del, Shaw, Moonves, Tanaka, Finkelstein & Lezcano.


Roberta has enjoyed thirty years of success with Chesler/Perlmutter as the company’s Vice-President , Business Affairs. Roberta is Chesler/Perlmutter’s key point person overseeing all corporate and production business affairs.

WAYNE ARRON has been a film and television producer for more than twenty-five years. He produced many award winning movies and TV shows including SPIRIT RIDER, a movie for CBC, PBS and the BBC; OWL/TV, a children’s television series (CBC, CTV, PBS, SHOWTIME, THAMES TELEVISION); EXPOSURE, a half-hour drama (CBC); LIES, a one-hour television documentary Christmas Special (CBC); and RAOUL WALLENBERG: BURIED ALIVE, a feature theatrical documentary (CBC, PBS, BBC, German TV).

Wayne worked for eleven years as Producer, Executive In Charge of Production and Senior Development Supervisor for OWL Television, a highly respected children’s and family movie and television production company. He was responsible for all aspects of the development, financing and production of movies and television programs.

His feature documentary, RAOUL WALLENBERG: BURIED ALIVE, won several awards, including a Genie for Best Theatrical Documentary, and a Certificate of Special Merit from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Oscar Awards. The movie was also shown by Special Invitation at The White House, Washington, D.C.

Wayne developed and taught a course in production management in the Department of Radio and Television Arts, Ryerson University.

He worked extensively as a Production Accountant, and as a Risk Manager for the Motion Picture Bond Company (completion guarantor).

Wayne is currently Vice-President, Finance at Chesler/Perlmutter Productions, a movie/tv production company with a twenty year history.

Wayne Arron is listed in the Canadian Who’s Who and in the Dictionary of International Biography.

Wayne has a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Toronto.

Chesler/Perlmutter Productions is a Canadian production company with global reach, focused on developing, producing and distributing television movies for US, Canadian, and international broadcasters; as well as theatrical movies for national and international distribution. As one of Canada’s first independent family film production companies, Chesler/Perlmutter has established itself in North American and global film markets through its development, production, and distribution of more than $800,000,000 of content. The company maintains offices in Toronto and Los Angeles, and operates a production studio in Hamilton, Ontario.

Chesler/Perlmutter utilizes Canadian and International subsidy programs, along with licensing, pre-sale, and distribution advances to finance the creation of cost effective premium content. The company’s extensive talent relationships are vital to its continued success, enabling the company to feature highly recognizable talent such as Helen Mirren, Jason Bateman, Jim Carrey, Famke Janssen, Rob Lowe, Burt Reynolds, Helen Hunt, and Willem Dafoe. Chesler/Perlmutter continues to focus on meeting film market demands, particularly in specific niche family genres, such as holiday, adventure, and comedy. Family co-viewing and mid-market films are in high demand, theatrically, digitally, and on video.

Chesler/Perlmutter produces film and television content for all major US and Canadian distributors, such as Sony, MGM, and Disney, and broadcasters, including HBO, CBS, NBC, UPN, USA, Hallmark, Lifetime, SyFy, CTV, CBC, Shaw, BBC, Canal+, RAI, TF1, Mediaset, and ProSieben. Chesler/Perlmutter Productions licenses content directly to US, Canadian, and International broadcasters.

In recent years, Chesler/Perlmutter Productions has continued to expand its commitment to family co-viewing content (films that children and parents can enjoy together) by producing slates of holiday and adventure films for Hallmark, Lifetime, SyFy, UPtv and other premium cable networks. Chesler/Perlmutter holiday films enjoy exceptionally high ratings.

Chesler/Perlmutter’s vision is to produce a constant supply of excellent family films that meet the high and growing demand for quality family content. In recent years, even modestly budgeted family films have achieved sizeable profits. With quality productions and promotable casts,

Chesler/Perlmutter is in an ideal position to realize significant domestic and international success.


Very, Very, Valentine (2018)

When florist Helen (Danica McKellar) meets a dreamy mystery man (Damon Runyon) at a masquerade ball, she and her friend Henry (Cameron Mathison) set out to find him.

Magical Christmas Ornaments (2017)

After a bad breakup, Marie (Jessica Lowndes) loses her Christmas spirit. Trying to restore it, her mother sends Christmas ornaments from her childhood. Marie’s Christmas spirit gets another boost when she meets her handsome neighbor, Nate (Brendan Penny). As Christmas approaches, Marie must follow her heart’s passion and hope for one more blessing from her magical Christmas ornaments.

High-Rise Rescue (2017)

An emotionally gripping family action drama about a mother (Catherine Bell) who will do whatever it takes with the help of a firefighter (Adrian Holmes) to save her husband (Greg Bryk) and son (Sam Ashe Arnold).

The Christmas Cure (2017)

A doctor (Brooke Nevin) returns home for Christmas to find that her father (Patrick Duffy) has decided to retire from his own practice. After reuniting with her high school sweetheart (Steve Byers), she wonders if she should stay and take over her father’s practice.

Sound of Christmas (2016)

Lizzie (Lindy Booth), a young piano teacher, helps Brad’s teenage daughter (Micah Kalisch) learn music. As she begins to break through to the girl, sparks begin to fly with Brad (Robin Dunne), but she is shocked to find out that he may want to buy the school’s property.

Christmas Incorporated (2015)

Riley Vance (Shenae Grimes-Beech) is hired as personal assistant to William Young (Steve Lund), who recently inherited his father’s company. He’s under pressure to close the flagship toy factory of the firm, but Riley convinces him to visit the town and evaluate the plant and people. To save the town, she must rekindle his long-dormant Christmas spirit.




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The Hitchhiker (TV Series 1983-1991) Numerous Stars
Soft Deceit (1994) Starring Patrick Bergin
Bloodknot (1995) Starring Jaclyn Smith
Hostile Intent (1997) Starring Rob Lowe
Ms. Bear (1997) Starring Ed Begley Jr.
Protector (1998) Starring Mario Van Peebles
Bone Daddy (1998) Starring Rutger Hauer
Welcome To Paradox (1998) Starring Erick Kaffka
Time of the Wolf (2002) Starring Jason Priestly, Burt Reynolds
Touching Wild Horses (2002) Starring Jane Seymour
Red: Werewolf Hunter (2010) Starring Felicia Day


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